Most popular car brands in Latvia and their prices

In the last ten years, we have been very popular with cars from our nearest “big manufacturer” car market – Germany. Volkswagen has been dominating the most popular brand for some time. In 2002, Volkswagen had over 82,000 registered vehicles worldwide. In a couple of years it has grown to 116 thousand.

The change in the number of registered car leaders took place in 2004

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When the aforementioned car brand overtook a longtime leader who will surely be remembered by the elderly. It is about the car brand ” Lada ” (VAZ) introduced in Soviet times. The total number of units registered for this car has decreased 10 times in recent years. In its last year of ” leader status “, 92,000 Lada cars were registered in Latvia.

As early as the 1990s, more than 100,000 Lats were registered and, together with GAZ and Moskvich, accounted for 50% of all cars registered in Latvia. Although there are still many Lada car enthusiasts or car owners who take great care of their vehicles, a very large proportion of these cars are either recycled or simply no longer used.

Comparing the data of the last decade, no big changes are visible in the market of the most popular car brands. Citizens mostly buy 3-brand cars – Volkswagen, Volvo and BMW. However, in addition to these three brands, several other car manufacturers, who predominantly come from the German car market, have also gained popularity and support.

By popularity in Latvia, the Top 5 car brand can be ranked in order

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Volkswagen with more than 110 thousand registered cars is the most popular. It is followed by Audi, Opel, BMW and Ford. Exactly the same order is in the list of cars imported to Latvia and registered for the first time. Logically, the most popular car models are Volkswagen’s. These are the Volkwagen Golf and the Volkswagen Passat.

These two models alone account for almost the entire registered car market of this brand in Latvia. These two models are followed by the Audi 80, Opel Astra and BMW 3 Series. It is also worth noting that Toyota and Mercedes-Benz are popular among the new cars (under 5 years old). Among the new cars, products from other global auto markets are starting to gain popularity. In addition to the old and proven German car values, consumers are also beginning to enjoy the Asian market.

Toyota , Nissan and Hyundai are three automakers that are beginning to expand their markets in Europe. These companies offer a new type of car class – crossover or parquet jeep. These cars are a combination of city and SUV. One of Nissan’s models, the Nissan Juke, has achieved high sales. The leasing market for these new cars has grown by as much as 15% in recent years.

Prices for these car brands are varied

Prices for these car brands are varied

Most of the cars mentioned above are mid value cars. All of these companies also produce luxury cars, but most of them target the middle class, as it accounts for the majority of car purchases. They are mostly family cars or cars with a fairly simple design and ease of use.

These statistics are unlikely to surprise any car connoisseur or people who are interested in cars. Watching car brands, even if you are walking down the street, you will be able to see most of the cars mentioned above. These observations may vary from place to place as trends and needs vary from region to region. However, these statistics are accurate enough and can be reliably believed.

Perhaps it can be a crucial step and information when buying a new car. If the new car owner wants a stable and proven value, he will definitely choose one of the most popular brands, because there is definitely a reason why they are so popular. Those who want to be more original or different will buy a car other than the top 5 or even Top 10 car brands.