No New Jersey resident can grow potted plants at home yet

Whatever your opinion on the matter, marijuana will soon be legal for purchase and sale for recreational purposes in the state of New Jersey as soon as possible.

If you’re not a fan of that, well, your time to report your article was in the voting booth in November 2021. Since there was no in-person vote, guess the most accurate way to phrase it. which would be to say that you should have checked your preferred piece. Since the results were counted, many meetings have taken place to find the legislature governing this lucrative new venture. Although still in its infancy, plans are taking shape more and more quickly with each passing month.

There is not much to say yet, however, regarding a private citizen who wishes to develop their own. As of the publication of this specific article on September 24, 2021, there is no decision yet indicating a legal number of houseplants for personal consumption. To think that a resident of New Jersey will not be able to own even a small cannabis plant is quite bizarre considering that every other state in which the pot has been legalized have, at least, some allowances for personal growth in the home.

Sources report that currently in the state of New Jersey, growing more than three plants could lead to you in jail and fines of up to $ 25,000. Senators have said, however, that while it is unlikely to happen anytime soon, people with a medical marijuana card may be granted the right to grow at home in the future.

Police can no longer arrest people found in possession of weed, but clinics should not be able to legally distribute it for a few months.

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